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      about us

      It integrates the research, production, sale and service of new pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs intermediates.

      Established in 2012, Taixing New Hongyang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a chemical enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, trade and service of new pesticides, pharmaceuticals and dye intermediates, with a registered capital of CNY 50.08 million. Now, we own advanced continuous manufacturing processes and technologies of Lambda-cyhalothric acid, Methyl 3, 3-dimethyl-4-pentenoate, 2-Amino-4-acetamino anisole and new pesticide and dye intermediates.

      With a land of 66,667m2 and a total investment of CNY 516 million, we built a 100,000 t/a of Polyacrylamide project, which can annually produce 10,000 tons of 2-Amino-4-acetamino anisole, 80,000 tons of Polyacrylamide dry powder, 20,000 tons of Polyacrylamide Aqua, 3,000 tons of Methyl 3, 3-dimethyl-4-pentenoate, 1,800 tons of Lambda-cyhalothric acid, and 1,000 tons of by-product methanol, 7,000 tons of Sodium acetate and 400 tons of sodium chloride. Moreover, we annually can sell CNY 1.8 billion of products and obtain CNY 320 million of profit and tax.

      This project owns high economic and social benefits because it adopts new technology and new processes to fully reflect high efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation, as well as practice saving development, green development and circular development.


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